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W4G’s  Vision:


To find and release the hidden potential in communities.


Our Mission is to: 


Resource and enable new community engagement reaching marginalised communities through sustainable social enterprise. 




Every project we undertake involves a partnership with other charities and organisations. Our aim is to improve self-belief in people by creating educational and social opportunities that enable improved quality of life and wellbeing through personal development and support.

"W4G" is a Community Interest Company. We help provide the resources for charities, schools and churches to engage communities. 

We identify and develop programmes with various beneficial outcomes that respond to need. This includes finding and utilising redundant property so that community needs can be met.  We work with partners to improve the use of community buildings as centres for: skills development, including the arts, culture, social cohesion and employability.

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Andrew Richardson,
CEO & Founder of W4G

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We hope that you find visiting our website a useful resource and provides a useful insight into some of the potential that social enterprise has to offer to improve lives and help create sustainable communities.

W4G projects and pilots have already engaged wide and diverse communities in the South West of England. We are a regulated not-for-profit organisation. There is scope for partner opportunities whether you are looking for a volunteer role - to get work experience, improving your employment prospects, or represent a national or local charity we would like to hear from you to explore partnerships benefits of working collaboratively.

For socially minded professionals - Business CSR (corporate social responsibility) opportunties exist from: hosting a charity fund raising event, such as a business networking event where the proceeds go to a charity project, to partnering with us as a supplier or buyer of services!

Everyone in the community benefits when those who have felt marginalised or negelected have the opportunity to regenerate their neighbourhood, develop interests or improve skills and employability.