Business Incubator @ St Simon's 


We want our projects to help people reach their potential:


In 2015 as part of the St Simon's feasibility we were able to engage and help some of the volunteers who joined us. 

In the six month period to January 2016 we have engaged four people to help them with their aspirations of launching their own business. Two businesses have already launched, one has been successful in getting a government backed loan and has onging help and busness mentoring. We have also supported another by means of a one off grant. Details are confidential. Not everyone we meet will succeed or be suitable to go into business on their own. Our support is to help discern skills, risks and to signpost. Volunteering is a proven means to improve employability, evidence skills, motivation and training needs. 

We are pleased to have the support of local professionals and local MPs, Johnny Mercer MP for Plymouth Moor View and Oliver Colvile MP for Plymouth Sutton.

We are currently developing an IT and training opportunities with WebBoss for a number of projects.


The St Simon's Business Incubator July 2015



Supported by:  bim_medium_logo.jpg  Business Improvement Management.

We want to share in the success derived from seeing people engaged and empowered. In a short space of time we have been engaging a diverse background of people, some long term unemployed. It's easy for some to become marginalised especially when there are a lack of role models and mentors in that community. The St Simon's Business Incubator is a virtual resource and its services are available not just in the South West, Exeter, Plymouth, Torbay, but anywhere in the UK. The key is to identify latent skills and potential career interests. Join these with mentors and training providers who can stimulate and motivate.

We are looking for:
  • Mentors and professionals who want to work with business start-ups.
  • Business owners and professionals who are potentially interested in engaging and working with the people we help to launch their business.


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